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About me

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I am Karin Formstone. Since I was 4 years old I asked my mother to start horse riding. She was pretty reluctant to the idea and gave me all kinds of reasons to delay as much as she could my introduction to the equestrian world. Finally, when I was 12, my dream came true and I started horse riding at Hipico Riviera Maya, under the instruction of Mara Wills.

From day one I was in love with this world. Everything that is part of it amazes me. If I could, I would spend each minute of every day at the horse riding center HRM.

I use every opportunity to learn more and more about this activity. From cleaning the stables, massage the horses when they are hurt, practicing aromatherapy to prepare them for a competition, helping to teach a class, riding and jumping, all is good to me.

Now, I got to the point in my training where going to as many competitions as possible is very important. Competing is exciting and lots of fun, but pretty expensive. So, I decided to bring together two of my hobbies, photography and horse riding, hoping that one might help afford the other.

If you are keen on seeing the world through the eyes of a trained horse rider and would like to support my horse riding career, please be so kind to buy some of my pictures.

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